Site Improvements and Add-ons

Site Improvements and Add-ons

1. Site condition - All RVs/Trailers and sites are to be kept in good condition and maintained to the high standards of the Park. The Member(s) is responsible for the general upkeep of the Member(s) and the tidiness around the site. If Member(s) RVs/Trailers or sites do not meet the standards of the Park in terms of condition, general standards and safety, a written notice will be sent to the Member(s) giving 14 days to rectify the situation. If the required standards are still not met then the Maple Valley Club reserves the right to terminate the Agreement for the Occupation.

2. Hydro box - tampering, altering or gaining access to the outside hydro box, which is property of Maple Valley Club Resorts will be considered a breach of agreement, incapable of remedy Agreement for the Occupation.

3. Extensions or structures of any kind may NOT be erected adjacent to or around the RV/Trailer without the written permission of the Club Management prior to construction. This includes, but is not limited to hard roofs, sheds, patio stones, and fire pits. Absolutely No fences are allowed on your site, a landscaped separation can be done from the back of your site no further than the front of the unit. Structures are to be constructed in accordance with standard designs and are allowable on designated areas of the Park with the permission of the Club Manager. A program for the removal of structures not in accordance with this policy has been implemented in the Park. The Member(s) will be responsible for any costs related to any removal or changes required if written permission was not granted. Timber, canvas or temporary sunrooms are not allowed on a Member(s) site.

4. Patios and stone slabs may only be laid with the written permission of the Club Manager and by laying these slabs they are deemed to have passed into the ownership of Maple Valley Club and may not be removed unless the ground is restored to its original condition. However it is the Member(s)' duty to maintain any such patios and slabs in a safe condition and the Member(s) will be responsible for any accidents if this is not done.

5. Government regulation - In order to maintain the high standard of the parks appearance and to ensure the safety of all members and their guests - everyone must comply with Provincial, Municipal and Fire Regulations.

6. Building permit, all approved renovations; including deck building, hard roof and add-a-room construction, need a written approval of the Park Manager prior to construction and a Municipal building permit (where applicable) before any work can commence.

7. Accessible access ramps and steps constructed in accordance with the standard designs will be allowed on any part of the Park with the written agreement of the Club Manager prior to construction, and must be built in accordance to Ontario Building Code Regulations.

8. Construction and/or Renovations is not permitted on weekends, Canadian or U.S. Holidays, or before 8:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m., unless authorized by the Club Manager.

9. Selling, Park Models and RV’s are subject to an inspection when re-sold. Park Models and RV’s that are not in good condition are not allowed in the park, regardless of age. The sale of any unit is not permitted without written permission from Management.

The Park Management reserves the right to make additions or deletions to these Rules from time to time as it considers necessary for the general safety or proper and efficient management of the Park. In the event of behavior likely to cause offence or damage to any other user of the Park or the facilities, the Park Management reserves the right to remove any offenders and/or the owner(s) from the Park without warning. In certain cases, Park Management also reserves the right to terminate the Agreement for the Occupation of a Member(s)' site.