1. Insurance, all RVs/Trailers must be insured against fire and storm damage and his or her third party liability with a reputable insurance company; and provide the Park Office with an up to date copy.

2. Fire extinguisher, Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector; all RVs/Trailers must be fitted with a dry powder fire extinguisher, a fully functional smoke alarm, and a fully functional carbon monoxide alarm, as per Bill 77 in accordance with General Ontario Fire Code (OFC) and Ontario Building Code (OBC).

3. Propane, a maximum of 2 propane bottles is permitted at each RV/Trailer. They may not be chained together or chained to the RV/Trailer. Propane bottles may only be connected and transported by people who have completed an approved propane handling course.

4. Campfires and barbecues must be properly extinguished before retiring for the evening, or upon departure of site. Burning of leaves and garden waste is specifically forbidden by local by-laws. Management reserves the right to forbid campfires entirely in periods of excessive drought or when such fires pose a threat to the safety of others.

5. Contractors working on the park are required to meet the Health and Safety Regulations (including TSSA, CSA and/or Workers Compensation regulations) and must also present certified liability coverage to the Park Manager. In certain instances work may be carried out by the RV/Trailer Owner or immediate family with the Club Management’s written consent.