General Rules

General Rules

1. Wildlife, the park is located in a rural area and is predominantly a park setting in which the Member(s) share a natural habitat with wildlife including skunks, raccoons, etc. The Club recommends taking precautionary steps to protect your personal property items from being damaged by these animals. Member(s) are prohibited from the trapping of wildlife and are discouraged from feeding the wildlife. The Maple Valley Club at no time shall be liable for any damages caused by these animals to a Member(s) under any circumstances.

2. Be considerate of your fellow neighbours, privacy, and space. Please do not walk-on, nor pass through other sites.

3. No tents of any description are to be used for overnight accommodation on a Member(s) site.

4. Noise is to be kept to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM between 11PM and 8AM. Excessive noise at any time of day will not be tolerated. Excessive noise shall be defined as any sound that Club Management deems to be causing a disturbance to other users of the Park.This rule is also extended to golf carts fitted with stereos. Car stereos should be turned down upon entering the park and not used to provide music while in the park.

5. Curfew, anyone under the age of 18 must be on their sites by 11pm unless accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 25.

6. Trees, shrubs, hedges, etc., will be maintained by the Park and must not be pruned, trimmed or cut down by anyone else. All flower beds must be contained within a 3 foot border around the Member(s) RV/Trailer. Ground flush edging and mini ties are permitted.

7. Grass cutting is the responsibility of the Member(s) In the event that a team member of the park has to cut a Member(s)' yard, applicable charges will be applied to your account.

8. All Member(s) are required to comply with any instructions from Club Management regarding restrictions on watering which may be necessary from time to time. Washing of vehicles and/or watercraft while on property is prohibited.

9. Swimming in the pool is at your own risk and only allowed during daylight hours. Please observe posted regulations for the pool.

10. Firewood may be purchased from the Club.

11. Trash must be disposed of in garbage compounds provided around the Park. Please help the environment by recycling the posted items in the designated bins. Absolutely no garbage from outside is permitted.

12. Tarps are not allowed as a windbreak or cover of RV/Trailer units during the season. Winter tarps covering RV/Trailer must be removed by May 1st of any given year.

13. Ball games (basketball, soccer, football etc.) are to be played on the designated areas and not between Member(s) RVs/Trailers. Portable or permanent sports nets are not allowed.

14. Fireworks (including Chinese Lanterns) are strictly forbidden within the property.

15. Clothes lines are not permitted on any site. A portable clothes rack that stands upright on your deck is permitted.

16. Alcohol & glass containers are only permitted on your site.

17. Aggressive and abusive behavior, including language will not be tolerated at any time. The Club Management reserves the right to remove any offenders and/or the owner(s) from the Park without warning. In certain cases, the Maple Valley Club also reserves the right to terminate the Agreement for the Occupation.